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[04 Jan 2003|11:11am]
[ current mood ] tired, and happy
[ current music ] none
[ current taste ] a mint
[ current hair ] messy bun
[ current annoyance ] my sister complaining in the other room cause she doesn't feel well but we all know she does and she just wants attention
[ current smell ] deodorant
[ current thing I ought to be doing ] taking a shower
[ current desktop picture ] snowflakes
[ current book you're reading] nada
[ current CD in CD player] mix

are you
[ understanding ] yeah
[ open-minded ] yes
[ interesting ] yes
[ random ] yah very !
[ hungry ] yes
[ friendly ] yupp
[ moody ] sometimes
[ hard working ] when i wanna be
[ organized ] yah
[ shy ] me ? NO
[ bored easily ] no
[ messy ] in desk drawers are
[ thirsty ] yah
[ responsible ] yes
[ obsessed ] with someone i am . . .
[ angry ] nope
[ sad ] yah
[ happy ] yeah
[ hyper ] VeRy - but whats new ?
[ trusting ] yah
[ talkative ] VeRy - but whats new ?

-- things you love about winter:
1. snow
2. Christmas
3. ozziness
4. winter break
5. basketball

-- things you asked for for xmas
1. Clothes
2. cellphone
3. perfume
4. make-up
5. Money

-- stores you love
1. Pac Sun
2. Gap
3. Aeropostale
4. Abercrombie & Fitch
5. American Eagle

-- names you'd like for your kids:
1. Drew
2. kylie
3. ryan
4. julia
5. _______

-- actors or actresses you think are great:
1. Drew Barrymore
2. Adam Sandler
3. Mel Gibson
4. John Travolta
5. Julia Roberts

-- pairs of shoes you love:
1. black flip flops
2. white steve maddens
3. adidas flip flops
4. black shoes from parade
5. adidas sneakers

-- magazines you read:
1. teen people
2. __________
3. YM
4. Seventeen
5. __________

-- places you'd love to live:
1. Florida
2. the Bahamas
3. Hawaii
4. California
5. Maybe here

-- things you want to do in the next four years:
1. Finish high school
2. go to university
3. Go on awesome trips
4. _________________
5. meet a great guy

-- restaurants you love:
1. nunzios
2. freddies
3. macaroni grill
4. Ruby Tuesday
5. burker king

+ what do you think of cheerleading: short skirts and football
+ what brand of deodorant do you use: secret
+ do you know anyone named LeRoy: ha. no
+ do you like pickles: hahaha lmfao
+ do you have a website: does livejournal count ?
+ do you have your own phone line: yup
+ your thoughts on abortion: women should have the right to chose what they wanna do with their body. why bring a child into this world if it isnt gonna be well taken care of.
+ what do you want to do with your life: marry a great guy and be happy
+ ever been butt naked bangin on the bathroom floor: HAHahH nope
+ would you ever get plastic surgery if so on what: nope
+ do you like jell-o if so what flavor: nope
+ do you like hot dogs if so do you know whats in them: haha thats a classic lmfao
+ brand of toothpaste: Crest
+ do you love your mom: with all my heart
+ ever taken ballet: yupp
+ favorite juice: orange with and without pulp and APPLE !
+ last time you used the restroom: at basketball this morning i forget the exact time
+ last book you read...was it good: i forget the name of it its with the girl who had the baby in walmart and yes i loved it
+ ever died your hair: nope
+ what brand shampoo: herbal essence
+ favorite holiday: christmas and my birthday
+ thing you hate most about your body: my stomach
+ do you still play with barbies: nope
+ last time you smoked: don't smoke
+ last things you bought: food yesterday before my game we all liked piged out

m0re rand0m..

+ are you stressed out...if so from what: nope
+ what do you wear to the beach: bathing suit ?
+ would you ever join the army: nope i wish guys under 21 couldn't go to the army though
+ do you want a puppy: nope
+ ever had a kick me sign on you: yeah lol
+ how about a lick me sign: nope
+ favorite icing: vanilla
+ are u a flirt: yeah i don't think so but ppl say i am
+ last time you were scared: last night
+ by what?: can't tell you
+ do you do your own laundry: nope
+ what detergent do you use: bounce i think
+ what fabric softner do you use: snuggle
+ are your nails real or fake: yeah but i bite them so i don't have much
+ do u live at the wild wild west: nope.
+ what do you wish you were named: . i love my name.
+ do you work out: does basketball count lol
+ are u muscular: which part of my body
+ are you flabby: my tummy has a little flub not much
+ are you fat: i think so but when i say that everyone yells at me
+ do you take a lot of pictures: yupp
+ favorite tv show: saved by the bell
+ do you want a baby: when i'm older
+ ever thought u were pregnent: nope
+ last time you were sick: right now alittle
+ your feelings on mcdonald chicken nuggets: BURGER KING ROCKS !
+ do you belilve in santa claus: nope
+ are you in love...with anyone...?: yes words can't even explain how much i'm in love and nobody no's who i'm in love with lol
+ do you have a car: nope less than a year and a half
+ do you have your license?: nope
+ how do you get around: friends. mom
+ got milk: ekk i hate milk
+ do you sniff markers: yes but not to get high. i like the smell
+ what kind of jewlery do you wear: bracelet and sometimes a necklace and a ring
+ what do you think of *//\\//Sync??: there ok
+ have you ever modeled: nope
+ do you shop in catalogs: yeah
+ do you have a cellie: yes
+ what do you think of eminem: i don't think he's hott but i like some of his songs
+ favorite kind of gum: spearmint
+ would you ever get a tatoo: nope
+ do you think lil bow wow is cute: nope
+ have you seen charlies angels: the movie ? yeah
+ what magazines do you get: teen people
+ do you belive your horoscope: yes sometimes
+ whats your sign: cancer


+ number of times I have been in love: once then i moved on and now i'm back to the first one
+ number of times I have had my heart broken: once
+ number of hearts I have broken: two
+ number of continents I have lived in: one
+ number of people I consider my enemies: eh lots
+ number of people from high school that I stayed in contact with: still in highschool
+ number of piercings:0
+ number of tattoos: none.
+ number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: alot
+ number of scars on my body: one on my ankel and two on my arms from bethann & shannon
+ number of things in my past that I regret: 2
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[24 Dec 2002|09:06am]
heyy i haven't written in sooo long my boss just imed me and gave me the order to write in it so i am lol kerri ! anyways i'm sick i have an infection in my throat and ear and i haven't gotten the results back yet to see if i have strep but i'm on medication so i should hopefully feel better soon! YAHHH i get a raise i am getting paid $43.56 by my boss KERRI haha and hour hell yes i'm gonna be rich ! richie britt ! anyways i can't wait till tonight my mom's side is coming over we have dinner and exchange presents and shat its fun i can't wait to see what kelly made me we each made eachother something this year i'll tell u what i made her later cause she reads this and i don't want her knowing until she opens it but if you wanna know im me and i'll tell u ! and then tomorrow my cousins from ct are coming ahh i can't wait its gonna be so much fun and then the 26th is kelly's birthday ahhh!!! were gonna be the same age ! if you didn't know were 5 months 29 days 16 hours and 36 minutes apart haha ! were going out to dinner and then i'm sleeping over ! i wanna give her her birthday present so bad i hope she likes it ! anyways i didn't really wanna write in here but as i said my boss made me so i'm out i love you all and i hope everyone has a great christmas !!!!! BERK & TRAV haha kerri !
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[17 Nov 2002|10:02am]
kiss me

kentucky fried chicken [16 Nov 2002|08:12pm]
i'm at kelly's and we're on the phone with shana ! haha. she keeps caling us. and someones trying to break into kelly's house - we keep hearing someone on the deck so we ran upstairs and then i ran downstairs to get food and then i ran upstairs and then i rolled a tin of cookies across the floor and they all spilled everywhere and we had to clean them up ! well we're talking to shana so we gotta go ! haha. <3333333333
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[10 Nov 2002|04:13pm]
went to NYC yesterday shopping jenn came with me omg it was soo much fun haha ! i didn't get that much just some little things for my mom to get me for christmas and i got my aunt her christmas present ! we went in this one make - up store and i sprayed this perfume and i squirted like 247409724 squirts haha i smelled so bad but it went away once i was outside for a few minutes haha ! Dude this place was full i mean full of Chinense ppl haha ! it was great everytime we turned around there was another one lol ! and then we went to short hills mall after walked around and eat dinner at American Joe's and all jenn got was a salad and she didn't even get dressing ! haha the on the way home i sang to jenn in the car haha ! anyways i'm waiting for kelly to get back from florida i'm out ! PEACE !
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[06 Nov 2002|06:27am]
3 Favorite Places:

- My Room
- My Grandma's
- Kelly's House

- hair: medium length - brown
- eyes: bluw
- height: 5'8"
- weight: no comment

- clothing: whatever i feel like wearing
- music: r&b, hip hop, pop
- makeup: lipgloss, coverup, mascara
- body art: none i let my ears grow in [ haha that sounds wierd ]

- wearing: really comfy jeans beige belt and a sweater fro delias
- music: none listining to my dad grind coffee beans
- thinking of: ;)
- feeling: sleepy and wanna go back to bed !

- bought: lunch
- did: get changed for school
- read: read the word read so i can answer this question
- watched on tv: Gilmore Girls

- club or houseparty: houseparty
- tea or coffee: tea
- high achiever or easy-going: in between
- cats or dogs: cats
- single or taken: umm i'm sorry i'm already married to kerri haha lmfao
- pen or pencil: pen
- gloves or mittens: gloves
- food or candy: there both good
- cassette or cd: cd
- snuff or cigarettes: yuck
- coke or pepsi: PEPSI * haha kelly
- sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful: sunset beach
- ricky lake or oprah winfrey: ricky lake

- kill: fakes : no comment- hear from: ;)
- tickle: ;)
- be like: i am who i am and i don't wanna change that

- food: ohh god here we go again * petrolies * mashed potatoes*mac n cheese * and lots lots more
- non-alcoholic drink: Iced Tea, Fruit punch.lemonade
- color: sky blue & green
- shoes: white steve madden ones
- site: kerri's livejournal
- song: too many
- vegetable: celery
- fruit: strawberries, kiwis, watermelons

- last book you read: A Walk To Remember
- last phone number you called: Kelly but she's in florida i forgot haha
- last show you watched on TV: Gilmore Girls
- last song you heard: Ashanti - Leaving
- last thing you had to drink: Orange Gatorade
- last thing you ate: Little Bites Blueberry muffins
- last time you showered: 30 minutes ago
- last time you cried: last night [ I HATE LIERS ]
- last time you smiled: last night
- last time you laughed: last night
- last person you hugged: my mommy
- last person you kissed: ;)
- last thing you said: " SHUT UP"
- last person you talked to online: ;)
- last person you talked to on the phone: kelly's answering machine
- last thing you smelled: my blueberry muffins

- smoke: HELL NO
- do drugs: HELL NO
- sleep with stuffed animals: my cat sleeps in my bed sometimes haha
- have a crush: ;)
- have a boyfriend/girlfriend: no i can't i'm dedicated my wife kerri haha !
- have a dream that keeps coming back: yes, but different things happen
- play an instrument: i can whistle?
- believe there is life on other planets: i dunno
- read the newspaper: sometimes
- have any gay or lesbian friends: not that im aware of
- believe in miracles: yeah
- believe it's possible to remain faithful forever: yupp
- consider yourself tolerant of others: LoL, no
- consider police a friend or foe: who cares?
- have a favorite Stooge: no
- believe in astrology: yup
- believe in magic: yea
- pray: at times
- go to church: sometimes * TURTLEMAN * haha kelly
- have any secrets: lots
- have any pets: 2 cats
- go to or plan to go to college: yeah, can't wait to get away
- talk to strangers who instant message you: no
- wear hats: nah
- have any piercings: nope
- have any tattoos: nope
- hate yourself: a lot of the time, yes
- wish on stars: yes
- like your handwriting: hahaha PSYCO FONT !
- believe in witches: yea
- believe in ghosts: yes
- trust others easily: yah
- like sarcasm: not really
- take walks in the rain: hah girls that was great
- kiss with your eyes closed: yeah
- sing in the shower: no but my sister does and you can hear her a mile away
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[23 Oct 2002|06:26am]
i was crying all last night not because i was upset but because i got my bestfriend back - kelly ilu so much and never not for one second think different i'm hear for you through thick and thin even if were fighting you can still come to me for help ilusm and i'm so glad were back to talking you mean the world to me !
<33 britt
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[21 Oct 2002|06:26am]
1) Single or Taken: single :(
2) Sex: female
3) Birthday: june 27th
4) Sign: cancer [as my sister would tell me, " brittany that means your gonna get cancer when you get older." haha !]
5) Siblings: 1 sister, 2 step sisters, and a step brother
6) Hair color: brown
7) Eye color: blue
8) Shoe size/height: shoe size - 9 and a half sometimes a ten hegiht 5"8

R e l a t i o n s h i p s
1) Who are your best friends?: christina-jenn-kerri-falco-moe-mare-alyssa-julie-martine-casey-tanith-sara-corey
2) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: =[

F a s h i o n S t u f f
1) Where is your favorite place to shop? pack sun american eagle and aero
2) Any tattoos or piercings: nope

T h e E x t r a S t u f f
1) Do you do drugs: medicane count ?
2) What kind of shampoo do you use: herbal essences
3) What are you most scared of: losing my friends
4) What are you listening to right now: my dad grinding coffee in the kitchen [its loud]
5) What vehicle do you wish to have? either my aunts car or a jetta
6) Who is the last person that called you?: chrissy
7) Where do you want to get married: beach on a nice 91 degree day
8) How many messenger buddies do you have on right now: not signed on line
9) If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? my stomach and the way that i'm not tan

F a v o r i t e s
1) Color: orange
2) Whats your fav. food?: mashed potatoes
4) Boy's names: joshua & ryan
5) Girls names: kylie & jackie
6) Subjects in school: geometry
7) Animals: kittens
8) Sports: basketball & softball

H a v e Y o u E v e r
1) Given anyone a bath: my little cousin when i babysit for her lol!
2) Smoked: hell no !!!!!!!
3) Bungee jumped: nope
4) Broken the law: dunno depends i've broken my mom's laws haha!
5) Made yourself throw-up: ekk thats no nastY!
6) Went skinny dipping? no.
7) Ever been in love: yeah actually i kinda have
8) Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: sometimes . . .

What C o m e s T o M i n d
1) Red: bird
2) Cow tipping: ?
3) Socks: smelly
4) Greenland: greeeeennnn

w h a t ' s w o r s e ?
1) Barfing on your date or your date barfing on you? date barfing on you

F i n a l Q u e s t i o n s
1) Do you like filling these out: only when i'm bored have having nothing better to do
4) Gold or Silver: silver
5) What is the last film you saw at the movies: sweet home alabama
6) Favorite cartoon character: SPONGEBOB
7) What do you have for breakfast in the morning: depends i'm eating entemeann's little bites blueberry muffins as we speak with a glass of orange gatorade
8) Who would you hate being locked in a room with: no comment !
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[10 Oct 2002|07:32pm]
howdy ! ! ! so after school i went to kelly omg it great we went to acmoore and got this like canoe thing to paint and these to 2's and two 0's because like we went camping this summer [ which was some hardcore goodtimes ] and we went khaking and canoing so the numbers where for the year we went but anyways so we got back kelly did some of her homework and i went on my sn then we painted our boat well lets just put it this way its ghetto haha itd like a million different colors omg its so hott haha ! shannon kept like yelling at us and telling us we were messy and didn't know how to paint right and kept telling us we were gonna ruin the paint brushes lol ! omg you gotta see it ! then we just hung out and danced to some old tunes we used to listin to when we were youngins lol ! then we lyed on her bedroom floor in between her closet doors for like 20 minutes figuring out what i was gonna wear tommorrow even though i still haven't figured it out lol ! then my mommy came to get me came home and had dinner i had taco's haha nicole ! well at 8 i'm gonna go watch survior ! well i'm peace ! oh and i can't wait till tommorrow mare and kerri are coming home on my bus were gonna make halloween cupcakes and have pizza and shat for dinner and if its nice go to the football game but its not suppose to be so maybe well hang out in my garage like old times haha !

Auto response from I kelly grace I:
looking for the ghetto boat - haha brittany

- haha kelly goodtimes !
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[08 Oct 2002|04:41pm]
i'm so happy ! ! ! drew is coming for thanksgiving anf christmas yeah ! ! !
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[08 Oct 2002|04:39pm]
kelly is my best friend i dunno what i'd do without her ilu kelly thanxs for everything !
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[07 Oct 2002|03:11pm]

chicken pot pie
chicken pot pie
chicken pot pie
hey hey hey hey

chicken pot pie
chicken pot pie
chicken pot pie
hey hey hey hey
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[07 Oct 2002|03:10pm]
kiss me

[05 Oct 2002|08:40am]
this past week went by really slow i can't wait until homecoming i have my dress and shoes last years was so much fun anyways ! last night i went to the football game with jen we met up with moe ally and stacy it was fun then after the game i came home and hung out and watched crossroads * lol * this is my first weekend off since memorial day i can't wait its gonna be the best i'm going to my sister soccer game at 10 since i haven't seen her play since last year and i promised her i would go then i'm taking my grandma out to lunch for her birthday * no pepsi haha kelly * and then i'm gonna come home take a shower and get ready to go to mare's party! i can't wait its gonna be the best ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARE ! she is gonna 16 ahhh i can't wait till i turn 16 and get my permit ! then tommorrow i dunno what i'm gonna do if kelly isn't doing anything i think were gonna hang out ! anyways interms come out next week i'm doing really good in all my classes i'm really proud of myself lol ! italian i have an 94 gym who knows lol i participate everyday and change but you know williams she'll find someway to make your grade lower than in bio i hvae a 99 conscience i'm not sure i've done good on all my quizs so thats probably good then learning skills i always do work so probably high 90's graphic arts i've done everything but sides my two colors and bumper sticker and iron on but i have the whole rest of the marking period ! then english i have a 94 and geometry my grades are all 90's and high 80's so its all good ! anyways i'm out peace !

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go down the street, and make a left . . . [26 Sep 2002|03:24pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

hi, i'm calling on behalf of the starving children in south africa, they need food because they're starving and i was wondering if you could donate some money to them . . haha . hows it going everyone ? it's brittany and kelly, and we just got back from school, we took the bus home to kelly's, it was some hardcore good times ! we just ate some popcorn, with candycorn because brittany thought it would be a good topping(?) haha. so now we wanna make brownies but we might burn down kelly's house, so we're gonna wait on that till her madre gets home. well we're out - later gators !

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[23 Sep 2002|05:06pm]
last night i had a long conversation with someone and everything is all worked out and know i'm happy lol which made today so good lol ! anyways this was my day :

italian 2 : did some practice stuff in the book and then i talked to moe and maryellen and sam ! sam likes my perfume haha !

gym : ran around the track once and then played football i had another touchdown haha ! i was mad cause kerri had lab today !

bio : reviewed some stuff thats gonna be on the test on wendesday and talked to tanith

conscience : took notes and talked to kerri haha !

lunch : ate and talked to the girlies

learning skills : talked to mary and worked on my italian and geomery homework

graphic arts : printed me number thingy and talked to kelly ! and went to the bathroom and talked to someone and thats what made my day so good haha !

english : took a practice test on christopher columbus and talked to melissa

geometry : took a quiz and then took notes and worked on some problems in the book and kerri told me something but i just wish it was the other one haha kerri !

anyways that was my dad you might think it wasn't that good but man it was cause in between classes i was talking to him and i feel a whole lot better i'm so glad were not in a fight anymore !

anyways i know its only monday but saturday i have to work and then i'm probably going to my cousins graduation party for alittle and then i think i'm sleeping over kelly's and were going to the movies with susan haha * hopefully we won't get in a car accident like last time ! and then i gotta work sunday morning and i dunno what i'm doing sunday afternoon !

well i'm out peace !

oh and by the way kerri - do i hear something haha ! ! !
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[18 Sep 2002|06:14am]
r o x y bahbe: you've got mail
kiss me

Good Times . . . . [15 Sep 2002|04:09pm]
Gaylord Fauker is my hero
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Tuckin Kicks Ass [09 Sep 2002|04:29pm]
Today was a great day . . . we had some good times ! Me and Kelly walked home from school - it was a longgg walk . and we stopped at the 7-11 and like a block before we got there my shoe broke ! so after rthe 7-11 i walked home with no shoes ! and then some older guys in a car honked and blew us kisses - haha. Now we're just listening to groovin toons and chillen - like bob dillan . we are out - so later gators ! HARDCORE ! ! !
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[08 Sep 2002|03:02pm]
heyy sorry i haven't written in awhile i haven't really felt likeit anyways school is good - i have alot of classes with kerri which is good she always make me chuckle - haha - and i have graphic art with kelly so thats good but i have no classes with jenn :( only lunch she gave me bandaids the other day for my feet hah! so in gym the other day mrs williams had us run the track never run with tanith she makes you laugh so hard you have to go to the bathroom haha ! then in bio we went for a walk around franklin lake and we had to list 30 living things i never new there were such things as brittany dogs hah ! then in conscience well thats a different story haha kerri ! anyways i really didn't feel like writing but kerri kinda made me lol anyways i'm out !

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